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In my own words:

"I would slap stickers all over the furniture in my room growing up. I wanted to take the bland, plain, functional desk or cabinet, drawer knob, whatever & make it more....make it dreamy, make it fun, a story from stickers, or make it into whatever the hell was going through my small head at the time.


I just wanted everything around me that was bland to be badass. That's what I always want my art to be."

- Stef Ratliff                      


Stef Ratliff (she/her), the wild woman behind KYARTRAT, pays tribute to her southern upbringing through her life & art. Ratliff's true love is a tie between painting, music, & the fall hunting season. She is a professional artist living in eastern Kentucky on the side of a mountain with her dogs. An award winning ceramic artist, painter, annual trophy artist for the Americana Music Association Honors & Awards, & a coal miner's daughter from Pike County, KY. You can find her work currently on display across the USA.

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