pay me bitch


approx. 12"L x 15"W x 1.5"D


acrylic / mixed media / on canvas board


every piece has been painted, bedazzled, & signed by Stef 


During an interview I was asked a pointed question about this piece, needless to say our converstaion didn't make the cut for the press release. Most reporters who interview me in my home state of Kentucky tend to shy away from asking me any questions that won't get the answers their investors or affiliates care to hear. In some cases they completely omit the interview other than the 2 minutes of "fluff" and easy answers I've given in previous interviews.. at the end of one of my interviews I was asked "Was script even real or is it just another folktale? I can't imagine anyone actually going along with that back then or now..."  My response, "You ever get a gift card for a job well done?"

- Stef Ratliff


pay me bitch